Finding Fluorescent Grey

About the liberation that comes from letting ourselves just be ourselves, seeing beyond the black and white ‘facts’ before us, and opening our minds to the unknown ideas and opportunities within the so-called ‘grey areas’.

Finding Fluorescent Grey

Unleash and Expand. 
Snip away those binding bands.
Poke your toes out through your socks 
and tear the labels off the box. 
See those thoughts within your mind,
and smudge away the bold outlines.

Let go,

Search and discover.
Burn your map and draw another! 
Dare to loosen up your belt, 
and feel your heart as it slowly melts, 
drip-dripping down to fill new spaces; 
new feelings now, in different places.  


Reach out and unlock, 
ignore the frown of a ticking clock. 
Clench the opportunities in your hands;
a brand new skill, or distant lands.
Or the other thing you’ve yet to find,
adventures ahead of a mystery kind.


Time to find the best, within the mess,
and turn fluorescent grey.


Song of the Day:  Everybody Else – In Memoriam

Everybody Else make the kind of fresh, Californian pop-rock that can elevate one up away from the ground and into the tip a tornado of sugarsweet excitement within the space of a few minutes.

“Moments ago, it seems to me, that we were just kids in memories”

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