Arriving Home



It’s funny how some places can feel like home even if you’ve never actually lived there.  For me, Faversham has always felt like ‘home’, and now it actually is!

It’s been a long old journey to get here, starting around five or so years ago when I was taking a walk past The Anchor pub one Summer afternoon, looked around, and thought to myself, “this is it, this is home”.  There was nothing particularly extraordinary about that moment, it was probably just a random cataclasm of senses inexplicably cascading together, but there was no denying the feeling.  And no forgetting it either.  To live in this town became the dream.

It’s probably the familiarity of the place.  I can’t walk down Lammas Gate or South Road without lovingly gazing at the houses where my grandparents once lived, and where  – as a family – we would come down from Watford  in the ’80s, ’90s and early ’00’s for those cozy stays.  Some of my earliest memories consist of feeding the ducks at Stonebridge Pond underneath those famed tangerine-blush ‘Faversham sunsets’, or of going for strolls along the creek, and whilst I may live alone here, I am not lonely (living frugally at the behest of relentless, monolithic bills, yes, but lonely, no 🙂 )

Home isn’t just about having a place where you return to each night to kick off your shoes, dump down your bags and cook curry (then spend the next few hours vehemently scrubbing sauce stains off the hob), but about being somewhere where you can recharge yourself from the hubbub of everyday life.  It might be where you live, where you’ve lived, or just a place you keep going back to.  Either way, it’s good to spend some quality time there.

Where is home to you, and why?

Song of the Day: Her’s – If You Know What’s Right

These Liverpudlian guys are one of the best kept secrets in today’s music.  I have been listening to this song pretty much on loop for the past three weeks and am still not bored.  Too ridiculously catchy and upbeat a tune not to love.  You can thank me later.