About the Blog

Hello you fine folk and welcome to my brand new blog.  I hope you had a good journey here.

The webpage before you is designed to be the product of 25 years of thought; a development of the roll of film within my mind into something that I can share with cyberspace, and all who should float around there.

There are thousands of blogs on the internet.  Some of them are kept as journals – intimate details of an individual’s daily life, and others are devoted to a particular hobby for fellow fanatics to enjoy.  This blog, however, has no such defined genre.  This blog is just my way of fulfilling my enjoyment of writing and creativity.  On a regular basis I will be discussing topics that have got me thinking that day – from an article in the news, personal contemplations, or something I’ve seen.  The purpose is for you, the reader, to have another website on the internet that you like to look at from time to time when you have nothing better to do, and if you have an opinion about any of the posts then great, share it!

It never fails to amaze me just how much potential each of our minds have to learn new concepts, think new feelings, and conjure up new ideas.  As such, I find it can be hard to have a fixed opinion about certain things as there is always a different angle from which to view it.  I believe there is so much that can be learnt from discussions and the exchanging of ideas.  What other people have to say can often get you thinking about new things in a new way that you may not have considered otherwise.  I love philosophy, in the colloquial sense moreso than the academic.  I think the same of psychology – a subject so scientific that despite my interest I would probably have failed miserably if I had studied it.  Rather, I like to look at the human sense of these ideas – and how thoughts, feelings and beliefs can shape our thoughts and actions but also about how they are limitless.  If you search long and hard enough within your mind you will always be able to find a new way to look at something, and even if you don’t believe in the new way yourself, you can see why other people might.

A particularly powerful influence on the way we think and feel can be found in music and imagery.  Your emotions can be taken to different levels entirely if you just combine the right song with the right surroundings.  Occasionally I like to portray these in a video, so this blog will also include those, as well as cartoons I’ve drawn (for when words are irrelevant) or poetry and stories I’ve written.  Basically, this blog is a little bit of everything.  Some of the articles may be serious in tone, others may be more light-hearted.  Life is a mixture of all those things afterall so why focus on just one!

For each entry I will also include a ‘Song of the Day’, for the interest of anybody who, like me, loves to discover new music.

I hope that people can regard this Blog as somewhere where they can come to have a read around when they wish to.  I write this for others but I also write this for myself.  Too many thoughts and feelings are kept deep within, where they float around and evaporate before we even have the opportunity to use them.  Lets share with one another and find new ways to look at things.  Let’s have fun!  Let’s stand back and switch off the safelight.

One thought on “About the Blog

  1. Hi Sophie,
    I’m really touched by what you are doing here and your thoughtful approach to life. Thank you so much for your presence at EngagingtheSenses. I’m especially honoured that someone as creative, intelligent and caring as you is interested in what I’m doing. I’m going to check out some of the songs you’ve mentioned soon. One small sadness, for some reason I can’t access your videos…..I’ll check back soon and try again.

    BE the Beauty you Love,


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