Finding Time for Spirit Time

On a personal level it’s been an extremely busy and pretty significant few weeks.  As result there are several new posts in ‘draft’ mode that require more time than I currently have to bring them to something which I consider to be a conclusion that does them justice.

And with this comes confirmation of the importance of something which I call, ‘Spirit Time’.

Spirit Time is all about keeping in tune with ourselves and the things which we hold dear, which more often than not are the people we love (in any sense of the word), the issues we care about, the hobbies we enjoy, and developing and retaining the self-awareness that helps us navigate our ways through anything this crazy world may then proceed to throw at us.

Regular Spirit Time is extremely important; but too often we allow other things to take priority.  Increasing responsibilities in advancing adulthood mean we don’t always get a choice in the matter, nor do we always notice that when we’re so preoccupied with working our way through life’s To-Do list, we’re not really taking the time to understand what’s going on – or has gone on –  around us.  Often it’s more tempting just to cross off that final item of the day – like preparing tomorrow’s lunch or completing an online bank transaction – and go to bed without any further thought about anything.

As somebody who as result of recent change is currently floating around in the nomadic space between the comfort zones that only come with achieving familiarity with one’s new surroundings I am again remembering why regular Spirit Time is so important. Change is an important and necessary part of life, but it can also feel very strange to start with, and ensuring that we find time to devote to the things which consistently simmer our souls can hold even more value than usual during this period.

The nature of Spirit Time varies with individual need and interest, but ultimately it’s about keeping priorities in check and continuing to understand and remember one’s passions and purposes in the face of whatever mad concoction of events that may happen from day to day.  Spirit Time may take the guise of a coffee with a friend, a walk in the woods, or looking through old family photographs.  This blog forms some of my own Spirit Time, for example.

Whatever you choose to do with it, it’s important to make time to spend it.

How do you spend your Spirit Time?

SpiritTime.jpg                                       Photo from a recent walk in Kings Wood.

Song of the Day:  The Frights – Tungs

Just a nice, chirpy piece of American ‘let’s jump in the car, wind the windows down, and drive to the pool‘ surf-punk.  Impossible to dislike.