September Shorts

A selection of things that got me thinking… happy Autumn x

Saturday Morning Coffee

I’ve decided that Saturday morning coffee tastes the best.
I like to make myself a nice frothy cup of the stuff, and look out the window at the rooftops, trees and the sky.  I just appreciate the time to be still, to really absorb how slowly the clouds move, and – in an infant-like way- wonder how high I can actually see.  And even though it’s just a standard view from a window… once again I’m reminded of how mesmerising nature can be just to look at; how soft and how calming.  I find that the coffee accompanies this moment well, and once these fifteen minutes of solace are up, it’s back to action…

When’s your favourite time for coffee?

Blogger’s Response to a Response

Minor rant time…
I have found myself becoming increasingly irritated with the number of virals I see all over the internet – especially on ‘news’ sites – about somebody’s ‘hilarious/genius/spectacular/any other superfluous adjective’ response to something else.  I’m talking about those photographs of hand-written notes, or instant messenger screenshots pertaining to a personal conversation that somebody feels they simply must ‘share’ with the world wide web so that it can be viewed 5 million times over:

‘Mum’s hilarious letter to teenage son’
‘Woman’s stern reply to Man’ etc etc

I’ve seen around a dozen of these on the internet lately and every time I read them I can’t help but wonder whether what appears to be a quest for internet fame has made a redundancy of the basic principle of being genuine.  It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if people just wrote these things on purpose just to earn some large-scale acclaim, and that’s what gets to me.  Things become a lot less powerful or funny if they’ve been edited to entertain to the point where they deviate from sincerity, and so seldom whilst reading these things do I ever think they’re clever in any way.
And in writing of the above… I realised I’m probably making further steps to officially becoming a grumpy old lady… but whatever, I just wish these things wouldn’t be considered ‘news’.
Now, to screenshot the above couple of paragraphs and send it into The Mirror online…

The Sandal That Couldn’t Go On Holiday

Slightly fitting to the above, and further to something similar I wrote about in May, I’ve always found the most amusing things in life to be the quotes or situations that haven’t been scripted in advance.
Most recently, there was an incident involving a shoe and a Eurostar departure lounge, in which a somewhat perplexed looking assistant had approached a friend and I with a rather grotesque looking dark brown sandal dangling from her little finger.

“Is this yours?  It’s only just been found… must belong to somebody who recently passed through security”

Despite any possible urge to claim the sandal as our own, we confirmed that it was neither of ours, and the assistant carried on and asked the next sets of people the same thing, prompting the same bemused replies.
A few minutes later, a puzzled sounding call came out from the tannoy…

“Err if anyone’s lost a brown sandal, please come to Customer Services to claim”

But it seemed that nobody did; at least not in the initial 15 minutes after the announcement.  Perhaps they were concerned that an immediate appearance would identify them to all around as the careless owner of the dark brown sandal, or maybe they had no idea that anything of theirs had even been misplaced, and would arrive in Southern France about to merrily take a stroll along the promenade only to find that they would have to do so with just one shoe.
…I will forever ponder the ultimate fate of that sandal…

Song of the Day:  Way Yes – Macondo

Soothing stuff for an Autumnal Saturday morning.  Fresh out of Ohio…