A Real Discovery


And the reason for this is simple.

When we focus too much on looking out for particular things, we neglect that bit of head space that acts as a receptor to the idea of anything new, simply because we are too preoccupied with our search for that which we already know of.  This is fine every now and then, but sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves that the extent of what’s out there to see, do, think and feel transcends our existing knowledge – and quite significantly so.

I have very vague, non-descript memories of a day I spent walking around Toronto.  Why so unmemorable?  Because I had been so fixated on trying to find the CN Tower, that I hadn’t really taken in – or bothered to appreciate – anything else. Other buildings… monuments… museums… held no relevance to me that day, besides their proximity to the landmark I was trying so strenuously to find.

This is in contrast to those towns and cities for which I’ve held absolutely no prior knowledge before visiting, that have ultimately turned out to be the most fascinating to explore.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular because I didn’t know what was there; so instead I was free to absorb every stimulus available to me.  The reflection of trees upon the river as the sun was about to set, an empty plastic bottle floating by, a lady with missing front teeth selling coconuts from a boat.  I can recall far more detail from just five minutes spent in places like this, than my entire day in Toronto.

And I think we can apply this same logic to most of the elements within our lives, but the first step is admitting that what we don’t know already far outweighs that which we do, and then having the courage to take our metaphorical spectacles once in a while – at the risk of losing focus – in order to be accessible to these new thoughts and experiences.

And personally, I think that’s the most thrilling way to live 🙂

P.S Oh and by the way, the CN Tower was a disappointment when I eventually found it…

Song of the Day:  Awesome New Republic – A Year of Solitude Pays Off

Songs like this make it much easier to understand why music is classed as a form of art.  Awesome New Republic are an indie two-piece from Miami and this song is pretty outstanding, maybe one of the best I’ve ever heard.  Listen from start to finish and you too will be blown away.