About Love

Sometimes, when I tell people that I’m single, they express a degree of surprise that somebody who is 25 is not about to join in with the recent trend of engagements anytime soon.  Their surprise is somewhat understandable.  These are the days when the metamorphosis in human beings from young adults who are just starting their own lives into slightly older adults who are now further along the blueprint of life they composed long ago is becoming more apparent.  With news of each recent engagement, you reminisce the past and think about those moments back in school or University when you and your newly engaged friend would sit together,  as two young and single individuals, and talk together, maybe drink together and exchange your dreams with one another.  It seems like yesterday, but the truth is, it wasn’t, and it starts to make you think in greater depth about your own love life and what direction its heading in.

I have been in relationships, but they never really lasted too long, mainly because I felt like my freedom was being compromised (or maybe I just made a wrong choice).  Yet I know that there are so many couples who don’t have that problem and just manage to co-exist with one another like a set of a Russian dolls – two individuals assembled as one.

That’s what I want from a relationship too.

I don’t dislike being single, in fact, I quite enjoy it sometimes, and so does my bank balance (buy a new dress for myself, or buy some kind of irritating computer game for him that makes an annoying noise and causes him to forget I exist? Hmm) but, I don’t want to remain single forever, so sometimes I sit and think about what it is I’m actually looking for.

The best way to sum it up is that I’m looking for a co-pilot.

He and I sit at the front of the same plane.  We are flying it in the same direction but we will also go on more flights to other destinations too.  We love having passengers (friends and family) on board our plane, but we still have the privacy of the cockpit.  We have dual control over the plane and as such contributions from the both of us are imperative for a safe and successful flight.

He is my co-pilot, and I am his co-pilot too.

I want to find my co-pilot, and I want to go to exciting destinations together with him.

But until I find him, I just have to continue having my own adventures, and then when we finally meet I can tell him all about them, and he can tell me all about his.  Then, we can head towards the runway and take control of the jet that will take us to the rest of their lives.

Then I’ll throw away that “Easy Meals for One” recipe book. 😉


Song of the Day:  Lucky Soul – Struck Dumb

Sticking to the romance theme…

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