A good start to a blog?

People fascinate me.

I can’t pinpoint why exactly, but they just do.

Everybody in the world is different.  There are no two people who look the same, act the same, think the same and live the same.  Even if you did meet somebody who had a similar face, similar ideals, similar history, your two life stories will never be a carbon copy of one another.

But all of us have three things in common-

We’re born
We live
We die

It doesn’t matter how long your life is, or what you spend it doing – you will always go through each of these events.

Just three common events, but billions of variation in between.

Multiple people can experience the same event, but they won’t necessarily feel the same way about it.  It’s obvious, I know, but sometimes, when you really think about it deep down, isn’t it fascinating? How does it happen?

Our mind can be as limitless as the universe, our thoughts and feelings can be as numerous as the stars.  And somehow, just like the ancient astronomers would sit each night looking up to the sky trying to make sense of it, eventually coming up with constellations to relate one star to the next, so too must we, as humans, make sense of our own thoughts.

What is it that makes us feel the way we feel?  Where do these thoughts and opinions really come from?  And whats the process involved in how we begin to give our thoughts the analysis and structure needed to understand them.

Psychology seeks to provide explanations for these questions, but the bare majority of people (myself included) are not psychologists, and so we can’t use the biological and statistical reasonings it teaches to understand our own feelings.  We have to use other more vague and automated mental resources within, and its those that I’m interested in.

Its funny how a fear of fire can turn into a love of it when looking at a sunset.  Its funny how much more value we can attribute to a humble glass of water on a hot, dry day.  You might think that you understand your feelings for something but then, when you have to look at it from another angle, you find that your feelings change.

I write this article in the middle of a period which, for me, has been a long voyage of self-discovery.

I’ve found that the older I’ve got, and the more I’ve seen and learned, the less that I’ve been sure of.

Life surprises me every single day.  It’s somewhat scary yet exciting all at once.

This is a rather deep first entry to the Blog.  I actually have heaps to write about and it won’t all be like this, but I firmly believe that we, as individuals in the modern world, don’t always take the time to step back and switch off the safelight – in other words, try and see things in a different way.  We are so busy in our day to day lives – going to work, filling in forms, arranging our social calendars, that sometimes we forget that we’re here and existing in this limitless universe, and there is so much beyond our daily routine that is out there to discover.

Many interesting things are out there waiting to be found.  Let’s remember that every so often.


Song of the Day: Jurassic 5 – Jurass Finish First

Nothing like a bit of old-skool on a spring afternoon

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