About the Author

The person responsible for all of these random writings…

… was born in October 1985, back when Margaret Thatcher was not being turned; everybody seemed to drive a yellow car, and big shoulder pads were seen as a fashion necessity.

… had a happy childhood growing up in the metropolitan town of Watford, a town famous for… not much.

… has written in a diary every day since January 1996, and likes to remember everything and everyone she meets and hates the thought of ever forgetting a good memory.

… studied Applied Social Sciences at Lancaster University from 2005 to 2008.  It was a wonderful three years of working, partying and becoming an adult.

… then took a job which she didn’t enjoy and that made her want to travel, so she went around the USA for a month in 2009, which increased the desire to travel more.

… went volunteering in Indonesia in 2010, and it blew her mind and changed her outlook on life completely in a way which she wasn’t aware was possible.  Every day, she wishes she could be back there.

… now lives in Canterbury where she is trying to sort out the rest of her life.

… enjoys being on a train or plane to somewhere exciting and listening to music, looking out of the window and taking in the atmosphere around her.

… loves all her family and friends very much, and cannot say that enough.

7 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. great blog! we have some shared experiences even though we’re on different continents 🙂 what shall we do with the rest of our lives Bathie?? hehhehe
    let’s start by saving up for that mini reunion

  2. I read this in the Cambodia Lonely Planet book and thought of you: “Nick comes from Watford, the sort of town that makes you want to travel.” – part of the bio of one of the authors

    Love the blog

  3. Hi Sophie

    I love the blog – very witty and well-written. Have you considered doing a podcast where you read your entries (for those of us unfortunate enough to commute as moles several hundred feet underground in the absence of a WiFi signal)?

    I look forward to more great content!


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