A Day’s Leave from Life

I had planned to do so many things today, but last night’s Tequila put a stop to them all, flushing my to-do list down the drain with a latin American grimace.  How can a drink that has a red plastic sombrero for a lid (marketing genius) prove to be such a menace?

‘Tequila… it makes me happy!!’ we sang with vigour last night before downing a shot (and nobody on Earth has been able to drink Tequila since Terrorvision’s 1998 hit without doing the same thing I’m sure).

This morning’s rendition of the song would probably sound like more of a depressing ballad featuring a more notable string arrangement and a sombre fade-out..“thaaaaat’s the curse of Tequilaaaa” .  The video would be in black and white and end with a clapped out brown Ford Cortina breaking down on the hard shoulder of the M25.

Urgh – just – urgh.

So, there was no trip to the gym today.  Nor was there a long afternoon drive with which to explore Kent in the sun.  Various incredibly boring yet essential tasks relating to online banking and other admin-y bits and bobs will have to be done tomorrow now, all because for most of today I didn’t have the strength to do much more beyond drink water and fall back to sleep whilst watching classic sitcoms in bed.  Cool – just – cool.  I am so proud of today’s achievements and will remember with certainty this milestone day for years to come.

But sarcasm aside, I know that in reality it’s important to have days like this once in a while.  Life demands so much from us, every single day, and we wouldn’t want it any different because if it was we’d no doubt be bored stiff, but still, it’s important to occasionally just relax…

The problem with daily sleep is that we can seldom acknowledge that we are actually resting.  We just close our eyes and either doze off quite quickly or stay awake worrying about in what order the world will end if don’t complete the 10,000 tasks we’ve set ourselves for tomorrow.  Once resident in the Land of Nod we awake in what feels like minutes to acknowledge the crushing reality that it’s time to get up; and usually – in my case anyway – we’ve overslept and end up rushing around at a military pace to get ready in time, rather than slowly coax our bodies out of bed.  I’d be reluctant to describe sleep as relaxing, because we just don’t know that we’re doing it!

What’s really relaxing is not having to wear a watch for the entire day and just lying around in your set of jim-jams with a break every now and then to go and make a self-gratifying big, fat unhealthy snack.  What’s relaxing is laying in the garden with no concept or care for time and staring at a serene cat lying amidst flowers in the sun:

Scampi May 2016

True relaxation is not something we tend to have the time for whilst in the mix of the usual daily grind. Sometimes it’s good just to pause, completely, and give our brains and bodies a day off.  Sometimes it’s good to dispose of that to-do list, or at least put it to one side for day.

Maybe Tequila does make me happy after all…

And with that, it’s time to round-off my incredibly lazy day by eating a Trio in bed and channel-hopping only to hopefully land on some U.S reality show that features titillating footage of massive portions of food.

Song of the Day: C Duncan – For

Christopher Duncan is an emerging solo artist from Glasgow.  Spotify introduced me to this beaut… and beaut is truly the most accurate way of describing it.  Perfect song for a somewhat lazy, sunny day.


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