Jots from a Journey

A few weeks ago I was sat on a motionless train for a considerable period of time, and felt an urge to do a little experiment to distract me from persistently looking at my watch and cursing the delays.  I began to think about the literary term known as the ‘stream of consciousness’ (which in other words is when the writer scribes a narrative that reflects more accurately the spontaneity and multi-layered form of the human mind).  It’s about writing that hasn’t been premeditated, or agonisingly edited in order to reach a state of perceived perfection… writing which is – in other words – a true expression of a thought process.

The following is what ended up on the page when using this methodology, and I’m not entirely sure what it means but I quite like it; and in the absence of having completed a proper blog entry for this month, I thought I’d share this instead.

“I like it when I see the piano keys bursting from behind your eyes;

A tune which only you can play.
…A tune that forms the soundtrack to those inner-most thoughts
(The ones that dance alongside the movement of this vehicle)

There is something so profoundly special about this piece;
Something that makes each time you hear it, feel like the first
… The amber lights blink along in rhythm
(And it feels like we all signed up to this dance class, together)

For then, for now, for tomorrow;
We move together underneath this same orange glow
… Sensitive to everything, familiar to nothing
(And nothing before or beyond this moment matters)

Here we are.”

Song of the Day: Punchline – Simulation

Pennsylvanian indie-poppers are back with a new album and this makes me very happy…

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