|| Pause ||

Everytime I find myself in need of a little inspiration or focus in life, I spin my chair around and look at this:

I am sucked into its beauty and mesmerised by its enormity.
I glance at the different areas and read all of those place names I’ve never heard before:   Inongo, Saltillo, Hengyang and more.  So many more.
I contemplate the mass variation of things going on at this exact moment in time, and it taints me with disappointment that I cannot be everywhere at once to see it all unfold right before my very eyes – to feel each feeling, to hear each noise, to smell each dish…

…to have my eyes opened wider.

I think about all the places I have been,
And all of the things which I have seen,
but – perhaps more pertinently –
All that I haven’t.

And then I spin back around on my seat to continue with my work and think about what to have for lunch, but maybe now it won’t be the usual crumpet covered in marmite.

|| Pause:  A moment to remember that there is always something more. ||

Song of the Day:  Hospitality – Betty Wang 

I found this band on Spotify the other day whilst trying to find bands similar to American indie-pop outfit Tennis.  Hospitality hail from Brooklyn, and this is my favourite song from their debut album which was released in January this year.  Fun, catchy barbeque music.  Trying not to smile when listening to this song is like trying to consume a whole jam doughnut without licking your lips.  Enjoy.

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