The Big Red Rollercoaster

The big red rollercoaster.
An eyesore on the horizon,
With it’s twists and turns,
Euphoria; and concerns.

A ride nobody ever paid for,
Or waited for;
Compelled upon it’s emotional surge,
Where delight and despair merge,
So intensely,
Exposing what is known to me,
As the irony of matter:

Never shed a tear over anything I didn’t care about.
Never cared about anything I didn’t love.
And those raindrops that fall on sunny days,
Are sometimes the heaviest raindrops of all,
As they drip onto naked, wilted petals,
That never loved anything which was immortal.

Fingers clutch


Song of the Day:  Ingrid Michaelson – Lady in Spain

Staten Island, NY songstress Ingrid Michaelson has already had much of her music featured in US programmes, but since I don’t watch much t.v it took good old Last.Fm to introduce me to her.  This song came up on an afternoon which I have spent frustratingly trawling the internet for jobs to apply to, having to re-assess my plans and location, consequently wanting to slam my head on the desk in the hopes that it might magically knock everything into place.  Just when I needed some motivation, along came Ingrid Michaelson with this sweet little tear-jerker of a song, apparently about a young girl who fears being nothing until one night a fairy flies into her bedroom and tells her that she can anything she sees, anything she wants to be, anything her heart tells her to do.  Well, it may be a fictional fairy in a song, but thanks Ingrid, your nice little tune is giving me some inspiration and making that desk look far less appealing 🙂

“I am a lady from Mars, and I can unscrew the stars”

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